Thursday, 6 June 2013

Visit to an orphanage

The team visited the Countryside Children Organisation, an orphanage with about 45 children age from 5 to 14. The whole place is basic, made of wooden and zinc roof. All the kids are accommodated in 2 small rooms with double-deck beds. Their mattresses are really thin.

The person who started the orphanage ran away, leaving the orphans with the landlord. She had no choice but to take over managing the orphanage and had sold off all her land to fund the operations. They now rely on donation from visitors as she had exhausted her savings. If not for the canned sardines which we gave them, they would have only plain rice for dinner.

"The first thing that strike me when I walked around the orphanage was why did we help Chuop Pri Sch when the orphanage does not even have a single proper building." Karishma

"The significant events today were completing the classroom and visit to an orphanage. We could communicate better with the orphans as they speak a bit of English. I have learnt to cherish what I have as we are a lot better than the Cambodian children." Jeannie Pea

"Although these orphans do not have a family, they are a cheerful lot. They welcomed us with open arms and wide smile. I am glad we could hold their hands, play with them and gave them love and attention." Esther Chiam

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