Saturday, 8 June 2013

Reflecting on the visit to various temples

"I knew better the history of Ramayana period after the visit to Angkor Temple. One thing that struck me was why should the Vietnamese be taking care of the temple when it belong to the Cambodians. I have learn a bit of the rich Cambodian history and culture and would share with my family and friends." Norisham

"Yesterday was a sentimental day, as all the activities require your heart to see, feel and appreciate. The beauty of the various Angkor Temples requires one to experience and appreciate with heart, as one walk along the vast passages with murals carved on stone. The orphans were both happy to see us again, but at the same time sad when it was time to say good bye. We truly had to bond with the orphans to feel their suffering and experience same yet genuine happiness and love." Koh Jin Yu

"I am happy to be able to visit the various temples. I did not know that there were actually so many other temples. We visited 3 of the temples and I learn about the history of each temple. I had a lot of fun interacting with the orphans. Some of them cried when it was time to leave them, saying "Please come back."" Firdaus


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