Thursday, 13 June 2013

The Story of the Classroom

Here is a pictorial record of the progress of the classroom we contributed to Chuop Pri Sch.

18 May - structure of the extension to the classroom built by the 2012 team
 20 May - roof in place

 1 Jun - our first view of the classroom

  1 Jun - a lot of earth needed to level up the floor
 2 Jun - the floor close to required level

 3 Jun - piling the floor with stones

 3 Jun - concurrently painting the exterior walls

 3 Jun - contractor laying the first layer of concrete

 3 Jun - the floor completed with first layer of concrete

 4 Jun - door frame and side walls in place

 4 Jun - working to leave our mark behind

 4 Jun - painting the interior walls

 4 Jun - preparing the final layer of the floor

 5 Jun - the final layer of concrete for the floor

 6 Jun - contractors fixing the window grilles

 6 Jun - putting the finishing touch to the walls

 6 Jun - contractors fitting the door

 6 Jun - leaving our marks on the wall

 6 Jun - our masterpiece

 6 Jun - our part completed

8 Jun - Commune Chief doing the honor of cutting the ribbon first

 8 Jun - Principal cutting the ribbon

The honour of making the final cut was mine

Symbolic handing over to the Principal

 The team members trying out the classroom

 The honor of putting the first writing on a new blackboard

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