Wednesday, 5 June 2013


"The ox-cart ride was the most significant. The road is bumpy, it was uncomfortable and I almost fell. But at the same time, it was fun and brought closer as a team. It will always be in my mind." Ng Rui Bing

"The most interesting place is the Old Market. This is the first time I have visited such a place which sells all sorts of interesting items. The stalls are very small and well organised. It is interesting that we can bargain. Visiting as a group made the trip exciting." Rynell Lee

"When interacting with the Cambodian children, sometimes we have to step out of our comfort zone and keep the ball rolling. Else it would be very awkward when both parties do not do anything." Hannathon

"The thing I learnt today is language is not a barrier or restriction when it comes to friendship. I have also learnt that it is not easy to learn a language that is totally new to you." Zachary

"I felt that the trip had a huge impact on my character as this made me more caring and independent.  I also enjoyed the time with my friends, whom I got to know better.  I have also made new friends, not just from our group, but also from the orphanage."  Saiya

"Through this journey, I had became more independent, learning how to take care of myself.  We got to know the team better and built many unforgettable memories.  I have also learnt that language is not a barrier when it comes to friendship.  The ox-cart ride is probably a once in a lifetime experience."  Chermaine Tan

"I enjoyed the trip to Cambodia.  It was fun, interesting, enriching and exciting.  I learnt a lot of things.  I liked our guide, Mr Khorn.  He is certainly the best guide you can ever have.  He shared a lot about his life story and experience, like mining for precious stones how to get food from the wild.  He provided us with a lot of information about the places we visited."  Vina


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