Sunday, 2 June 2013

A visit to the village

We started the day's activities with an ox-cart ride from the school to Choup Village. We never knew the ox would pooh as they traverse the track.... As there is no suspension system on the cart and the dirt track is undulating, we were in for a real bumpy ride.

In the village, we saw up close how the villagers live and what a typical village house looked like. We were introduced to the various plants they have around the house and what these plants could be used for.

We continued work at the school and managed to complete levelling the classroom with earth. We have also completed all the window grilles. Our students are good carpenters.

"Compared to Singaporeans, the Cambodian students we saw do not have a proper transportation system to school. And their schools are not near their neighbourhood," Aqil

"The ox-cart ride was like a roller-coaster ride! Maybe I was a farmer in my last life, as I was surprised that I could handle the cangkul so well."  Teo Chao

"I felt a sense of accomplishment as we are almost done with the floor. The ox-cart ride was the highlight of the day. Although bumpy, it was fun." AJ


Mr Khorn explaining how a frog trap works

Our carpenters at work

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