Saturday, 22 June 2013

More photos of the trip


Have uploaded another series of photos for your viewing pleasure.

For team members, I have tried to upload all your photos.  Apologises if I do not have any photo of you.  It just meant that you have been hiding away from the two cameras.  Please send in your trip report, if you have yet to do so.  And remember your daily dose of doxycycline.

Beat the haze,  Stay indoor, Stay healthy.

 Writing our reflections every evening

 5BX or morning stretching

 Two contrasting village houses

 A kitchen which doubles as a classroom in another school
 A typical village school classroom
 A makeshift classroom to cope with increasing enrolment

 Ensuring that everyone has enough to eat

 Orphans of the Countryside Children Organisation

 The rice that we donated to Chuop Pri Sch
 Luxury items

 It started with four....
 another four join in the photo

 Roadside stalls on the way to Chuop Pri Sch

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